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1. Website ownership/seller’s details: L.F. Spa (below simply called “L.F.”) with registered headquarters in via Voltri 80, 47522 Cesena, P.I. 00958880403, Registration to the Registro Imprese di Forlì-Cesena n. 192897, International Chamber of Commerce of Forlì-Cesena Reg. 016904, is the owner of the websites, (referred to below simply as “Websites”) and of all the domains connected to them with the purpose of remote sale via the internet of products (below simply called “online sale”). E-mail address:, 

2. Applicable law: the sale agreement stipulated between the Customer and L.F. will be regulated and interpreted in compliance with the Italian Law for the sale to “non-consumer” Customers according to the “Country of origin”, where the seller is based.

3. Acceptance of the general conditions of sale: when the Customer places an order according to the methods and procedures shown in the Websites, he simultaneously confirms his viewing and understanding of the general conditions of sale, the payment and the delivery hereafter listed as well as his unconditional acceptance thereof. These conditions are integral part of the sale agreement between the Customer and L.F. Therefore, L.F. requests you to read them carefully, print them or, in any case, keep a copy. L.F. will not consider binding any condition other than what previously agreed in written form. The conditions of sale will remain in force until they are changed by the supplier. Any change will become valid when it is published on L.F. website in the various countries and will refer to the sales made from that moment on.

4. Payment: the payment of purchased items may be performed, depending on each market, by means of a bank transfer, credit card, PayPal, bank order or cash upon delivery - with a service surcharge (2% of the overall invoice, minimum € 5.00 VAT included/excluded) and payment to the courier upon delivery in cash or with a cheque made payable to the courier. In any case, the method of payment has to be agreed with the Customer’s sales department.

5. Prices: All price lists, discounts and offers are agreed with the Customer’s reference sales department. Prices indicated in offers and price lists are not binding and may be subject to changes without notice. Prices do not include packing, transport, VAT and other related charges. All the expenses for the issuing and the collection of bank fees and cash orders are charged to the Customer.

6. Transport costs and minimum order: transport costs and any charges related to a minimum order are charged to the invoice and as according to the agreement with the reference sales department. Any unprocessed order part will be handled as according to the arrangements with the Customer.

7. First delivery conditions: new Customers are requested to place a minimum order, whose amount and payment method have to be agreed with the relevant sales department. This applies for the first order and until a commercial relationship has been established.

8. Delivery conditions: goods are sold ex L.F. warehouse. Therefore, the delivery task is considered fulfilled when the courier receives the goods. Goods always travel at Customer’s risk and danger, even when transport has been prepaid. Purchased items are delivered by a courier chosen by the Customer. The delivery deadline shown on the order is approximate and does not imply a commitment by L.F. Any delay in the delivery of items does not entitle the Customer to cancel the order or compensation for penalty or damages. No deliveries are made to post office boxes. Upon goods delivery by the courier, the Customer must check that the number of packages is the same as the one shown in the shipping documents and that the package is unaltered and has not been damaged. Any damage to packages and/or goods or missing packages must be communicated immediately in written format by the Customer on the delivery document of the courier and reported to L.F. within eight days from delivery. If the Customer fails to do so, L.F. will not be liable for transport damage. L.F. is liable for theft and transport damage only when the forwarder is chosen by L.F. and until his assignment has been terminated. In case of theft or loss, L.F. pledges to send back the goods to the Customer in their entire value, jointly with the courier’s statement.

9. Liability exclusion: L.F. is not liable for the characteristics and technical data found in its catalogues and price lists nor is it responsible for possible changes made by individual manufacturers. L.F. allows no civil liability for damage caused to third parties, that might have been caused by negligence, carelessness or incompetence in the installation phase of the material.

10. Liability exclusion for force majeure: L.F. does not accept liability for poor service caused by force majeure such as accidents, fires, strikes and/or lockouts, earthquakes, floods or similar events that totally or partially hinder the fulfillment of the agreement within the established timing. L.F. will not be responsible towards any party for damage, loss and costs met because of the failed fulfillment of the agreement due to the above causes, since the Customer is entitled to the refund of the amount paid.

11. Industrial property rights: information, logos, graphical elements, sounds, images, trademarks (registered and unregistered) and any intellectual work, distinctive sign or name, written text and, more generally, any other intangible goods protected by laws and international conventions concerning intellectual and industrial property featured on L.F. website are L.F. property or conceded to it for use by third party owners. However, neither access to the website or sale agreements grant the Customer rights on the above. Any use, even partial, of the above is forbidden, without prior written authorization by L.F. and/or its assignors, to whom all relevant rights are exclusively reserved.

12. Warranty: L.F. acts exclusively as wholesaler of material produced by third parties. Therefore is does not take any responsibility for possible defects.

Any claim or dispute must be addressed to L.F. by letter or fax within eight days from receipt of goods, the loss of all rights as penalty, to the following address:

L.F. S.p.A.
Via Voltri, 80
47522 Cesena (FC) Italia
Tel. +39 0547/34 11 11 - Fax +39 0547/34 11 10

In no case are disputes entitled to payment suspension.

13. Court of jurisdiction: the sale agreement between L.F. and the Customer is understood as concluded in Italy and subject to Italian Law. (Principle of the country of Origin and internal Market). Any dispute regarding the interpretation and implementation of the contracts made according to these General Conditions, which does not reach a peaceful resolution, will be subject to the decision of the Judiciary Authority of the Court where L.F. has its headquarters.

Sales assistance
Our staff is ready to assist you regarding any query you might have. You can contact us ( whenever you want about:
- offer enquiries
- orders following special offers by the technical department
- orders with no LF codes (with manufacturer code)
- technical clarifications for the placing of an order

Technical support
If you cannot find the spare part you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us. We are able to find everything you are looking for, even when it is not listed as a catalogue item!
Provide us with the details and the information you have available and our specialized technical support team will be able to fulfil virtually any request.

Naturally, the more details you are able to provide, the easier and the quicker it will be for us to find precisely the spare part you are after. In principle, in order to find a specific spare part not listed in the catalogue , the following information is required :
• name of manufacturer.
• Model/type of equipment on which it is mounted.
• Serial number (possibly year of production, since it may occur that, over the years, the manufacturer has mounted different components on the same model).
• Product description (and if possible the original manufacturer code).
•Exploded drawing of the machine with an indication as to the required spare.
• (preferably) a picture sent via e-mail.

If you cannot provide us with the above information, another possible solution is sending us some detailed photographs and, when possible, an example.

We wish to remind you that, for spare parts specially found for you, which are out of catalogue, it is not possible to cancel confirmed orders and no return requests are accepted.

In all cases where an error may be attributed to L.F. (wrong shipment, catalogue and/ or price list mistake, error during order processing of the system), goods are credited and/or sent back to the Customer, according to the agreement reached.

In case of an error by the Customer, possible return claims may be accepted solely at L.F.’s discretion. This is provided that:
- L.F. receives the refund claim within and no later than eight days from delivery date.
- It is an item, which is available from stock (therefore this does not apply for out of catalogue items).
- The value of the refund is not less than € 100, not including VAT.

If the above requirements are met and the return is authorized, the value of the goods is credited with a 30% reduction from sales price. Shipment fees to L.F. are charged to the Customer.
In any case, L.F. reserves the right to find an agreement on possible solutions to be considered as an alternative to a refund.

In the instance of defective material under warranty, the report and the request for a return must be submitted to L.F. within eight days from receipt of the goods.  This only occurs in rare cases as most of our suppliers work in compliance to quality guarantee ISO 9001, although they cannot be ruled out.

ATTENTION: electrical/electromechanical items must be carefully checked before installation, as the suppliers do not accept returns, not even under warranty, if the items have been assembled.
Furthermore, one has to bear in mind that, in order for the warranty to be claimed for these particular products, their keeping and storage conditions need to be determined.

N.I.R. (Numero di Identificazione Resi – Return Identification Number)
When a return is approved, L.F. creates a N.I.R. (Numero di Identificazione Resi) for each claim. No item can be accepted for return without this.

For each return the Customer has to follow the procedure below:
- contact your L.F. sales office and explain the problem you have encountered. State in your request the number and the date of the L.F. shipping document, registration and serial number , of  the product if shown.
- if the return is authorized, you will receive a NIR (RIN), which will need to be shown on delivery documents.

L.F. is an ISO 9001 certified company: the N.I.R. number is fundamental for this regularization procedure – from the return claim to the credit note – to take place quickly and with no obstacles.
Therefore, do not forget to use the N.I.R. number issued and state it in all correspondence relating to the return.

LF introduces its new, completely refurbished platform.

Please click here to visualise a short guide to the new user area.

We are now pleased to say that three major objectives were reached:

1.    New graphics, in line with the new website, more appealing to the eye and therefore easier to read;
2.    More user friendly, thanks to the simplification of some functions and the complete redesign of others;
3.    Browsing made simpler and easier on mobile devices, thanks to its full-responsive technology, which makes the private area easy to use also with a mobile phone (like the new website). 

With the publishing of the new internet shop, LF confirms its leading position also in the use of new technology!
This does not mean that we have disregarded the previous functionality! All the functions that were already present have been maintained and in the new B2B you will still be able to find these features.

A short guide to the new user area /B2B follows.

All the pages of the user area /LF’s B2B can be browsed by scrolling up and down, using the scroll bar on the side or by using the scroller which is found on your mouse. By doing so, you will be able to browse the different sections on the home page and view the current special offers, news, latest publications, promoted items and other useful information. 
Please note: when you connect from a tablet or a mobile phone numerous pages can be browsed by scrolling sideways (the panning function): don’t forget to try it!
In the top side of the page we have placed the panel featuring the main selection functions for your orders.

On the left side, you can see all the ordering , trolley and wish list functions, which can be used as a prompt or reminder. On the right, the menu will allow you to search orders placed, their shipping details, your account information and view the download function.
Underneath the control panel, we have placed all the search functions, which are the core of LF’s website!

Please note: the control panel and the search menu bar are fixed and available on all pages of the website
Inside the 4 menus (Search, Gaskets, Shelving, EGO) the functions are the same as previously seen and in some cases they are even simpler.
As you may already have noticed, we have made it possible for the search bar to be always available for you, on each page. This will allow you to gain time and have the search tool always at hand, in all menus, without having to interrupt what you are doing.

The top 10 improvements to the new user area / LF webshop.
1.    You are now able to change an existing wish list: you can amend the name of an existing list without having to create a new one.

2.    We have introduced the disappearing cart: every time you add an item to your order or simply pass your mouse on the icon, the shopping cart pops up briefly to show the latest updates / additions. (Note: now the cart has the push-buttons to change the quantities in your order).

3.    We have introduced the order upload straight in the cart window.

4.    We have made available the table for abroad shipping exceeding 30 kg, directly on the order, before confirmation.

5.    It is now possible to view the details of items contained in the flyers published in the “window” of the home page.

6.    We have made the download page more user friendly and easier for reading.

7.    After choosing the profile required in the gasket search, a list of corresponding gaskets will be listed. Here you have the option to select the dimensions needed.

8.    In the advanced search, both the search by LF code and the one by manufacturer code are featured.

9.    Also in the advanced search, we have made available the function to search by contained code (this was previously only available in the search by manufacturer code).

10.    We have added 360° pictures in the article details page: the view of all sides, with zoom, makes it easier to identify even the smallest details.

Policy on the safeguard and use of personal details

1. Purpose and methods of data handling.
2. Mandatory or optional nature of data provision and subsequent refusal to liability.
3. Subject or categories of subjects to whom personal information may be disclosed or who may come to know about such information as responsible parties or in charge of data handling or its distribution.
4. Rights of the party concerned. Identification details of the holder and, if appointed, of the person responsible for their handling. Indication of the modes, through which the updated list of responsible staff can be easily viewed.

This declaration contains an indication of the standards and directives applied by LF S.p.A. concerning the handling of personal data from or or users.
As this website operates and is hosted within the Italian territory, information and users’ details will be treated by L.F. S.p.A. as in compliance with Italian regulations and the implementation of directives 95/46/EC and 2002/58/EC by the European Parliament and Council, i.e. according to the Legislative Decree dated 30th June 2003 n. 196 and subsequent changes and integrations.

Purpose and methods of data handling
LF S.p.A. hereby informs all website users that data collected will solely be used for the purpose stated below and to keep users updated on news, promotions, competitions and generally on LF’s activity. LF S.p.A.  will use collected information to:

a) implement sales or engagement agreements for the supply of services (supply of goods or services);
b) direct marketing activity, also by sending newsletters, multimedia or text messages or of other kinds;
c) market research and other researches that might be useful to improve own products and services.
Collected data can be handled both with the support of information technology or paper and will, however, always be safeguarded by adequate and constantly updated security systems to be kept in a secure and controlled environment.

For the handling of such details, LF S.p.A. will act in compliance with Authorities’ indications by implementing the general authorization provision n. 2/2007 and its subsequent changes and integrations. In this case, the consent of the concerned party will have to be in written form, using the relevant form, which is sent upon service activation.

Mandatory or optional nature of data provision and subsequent refusal to liability
Provision of information is optional, except for the case in which details collected have to be used to implement an agreement or a service requested by the user. In such a case, the possible refusal on the part of the concerned party to provide details entails the failure by LF S.p.A. to proceed with the requested service.

LF S.p.A. could also request as mandatory the handling of the data for the newsletter service to allow the concerned party the participation in special commercial actions.

Subject or categories of subjects to whom personal information may be disclosed to or who may come to know about such information as responsible parties or in charge of data handling or its distribution
Personal details entered by the user will be seen and used by LF S.p.A. staff with the sole purpose of performing the activity constituting the reason for which those details were collected (for instance, to implement sale agreements or provision of services for the newsletter). Details can be disclosed to other parent companies, or subsidiaries and/or companies linked to LF S.p.A. in Italy, in the European Union or countries belonging to the Union, provided the law of the destination or transit country ensures an adequate level of people’s rights being safeguarded. The appropriateness will be assessed by means of a comparison of the foreign country’s systems to the Italian one.
Details may be communicated to electronic information service providers, banks, financial intermediaries, lending institutions, other financial bodies, centralized information technology operators (risk and fraud centres, etc.), insurance companies, consultants and free-lancers who cooperate with LF S.p.A. for the retrieval of credit and the resolution of disputes. Furthermore, information could be shared with companies performing packing, shipping, delivery services of purchases or the organization of e-mail and commercial information, research institutions, non-profit associations or foundations.

Rights of the party concerned. Identification details of the holder and, if appointed, of the person responsible for their handling. Indication of the modes, through which the updated list of responsible staff can be easily viewed
LF S.p.A.’s, head-office is in Italy, via Voltri, 80 - 47522 Cesena (FC). It is the owner and the party responsible for the handling of collected data. Parties concerned may contact LF S.p.A. in writing and avail themselves of the rights set out in art. 7 of Legislative Decree 196/2003, i.e. concerning the following points. In order to:

1) Obtain information on the origin of personal details and the purpose and method of their handling. Information on the logics applied in case of handling performed with the aid of electronic tools may also be made available, regarding personal information of the date handling manager, of the subjects and categories of subjects to whom personal details may be disclosed or who may come to know about them.

2) Obtain an update, correction or integration of data, cancellation or transformation into anonymous data or the block of details as infringement of the law, including information, whose storage is not mandatory for the purposes for which said data had been collected or subsequently handled. To receive the statement that the requested operations have been communicated to those who had been informed about them, except for the case in which such an implementation proves impossible or leading to a use of means that are much greater than the relevant right.

3) Oppose for rightful reasons to the handling of personal details, though relevant with the collection purpose or the handling of personal details for the sending of advertising material or direct sale or for the completion of market researches of commercial information.
Upon publishing of the website contents, no information-handling manager had been appointed. However, should LF S.p.A. proceed to such an appointment, the updated management information will be made available in this section of the or or website.

Terms of use
The internet website or or (the “Site”) are administered by L.F. S.p.A. (the Administrator”). The Amministrator is an Italian company with registered offices based in Italy, Via Voltri, 80 - 47522 Cesena (FC), Fiscal Code Number and VAT   00958880403 – REA PU n.C.C.I.A.A. FC R.E.A.n. 192897– Registro Imprese di Forlì-Cesena n. 192897, International Chamber of Commerce of Forlì-Cesena Reg. 016904 – Registered Capital € 1.840.000 i.v.

The Administrator provides online services for the collection, storage, organization, processing and general handling of details, including personal information, within a database made accessible on the internet through the Site (the “Database”).

Contents and the terms concerning the handling of personal details of the Site’s viewers are found in the PRIVACY POLICY.

Some of the details collected, stored and processed on the Site are birth information and expectations of users as assessed through the relevant questionnaire.

The terms and conditions outlined hereafter apply to the content of the whole Site and, jointly with any page or document to which these terms and conditions might refer to, represent the terms upon which Administration allows the Site’s use.

The Site can be visited only after a careful reading of these Terms of use of the Site (“Conditions”) and their acceptance. The use of the Site implies total acceptance of its Conditions. In the case of a User failing to accept these Conditions, browsing of the Site is prohibited.

Many sections of this Site may be viewed also without signing up. Other sections, on the other hand, require the user sign up. By viewing any section of this Site, the user implicitly accepts and agrees to all the terms and conditions of use specified in the Conditions.

The Administrator reserves the right to change at any time the terms and conditions of use hereafter outlined, simply by updating this page of legal notice. Therefore, involved parties are kindly asked to check from time to time the most updated version of these Conditions. Also please be aware that some of the terms or conditions below specified could be waived and replaced by specific information found in other Site sections.

Except for what is differently stated in these Conditions or in other Site sections, any copyright, any other intellectual or industrial property right or any other right of any nature in any of the Site content or aspect, belong to the Administrator or his licensors. Such content is safeguarded under local laws and international treaties and the rights on it are explicitly confidential. Any use of the Site that is not explicitly authorized by these Conditions is strictly prohibited. In case of infringement of any one of the Conditions, the Administrator reserves the right to ban the access to the Site and request the immediate return or destruction of any material printed or downloaded from the Site.

The User is authorized to print or download some abstracts from the Site, provided this be done strictly for personal use and provided:

        No document or graphic element belonging to Site is changed in any way;

        No graphic element from the Site is used separately from its reference text;

        The copyright statement and the registered trademark declarations, together with the mentioning of the authorization are attached to all copies downloaded from the Site.

        No digital or paper copy of downloaded or printed material from the Site can be changed in any way, and no separate use of images, photographs, videos, sound, graphics or other can be used with reference to 
        relevant credits (i.e. the certified copyright).

        The Administrator’s positions should always be certified, as well as that of the person/people indicated as author of the material published on the Site.

        Except for what is stated in point 2.2., no Site part can be reproduced or stored in any other website or become part of any archiving system and information research, service supply, without written consent by 
        the Administrator.

        Any other copyright or authorization that have not been explicitly mentioned in the Conditions are strictly confidential.

The Administrator will do whatever is reasonably possible, according to a commercial eligibility standard, to allow access to the Site at any time. Nevertheless, the Administrator will not be liable, for any reason, if the Site becomes unavailable for some periods of time.

The access to the Site can be temporarily suspended, even without due notice, in case of system error, maintenance, requests for service assistance, or for any other reason beyond the reasonable control of the Administrator.

The User is responsible for the implementation and the good keeping of all the agreements and services, which allow access to the Site.

The Administrator will handle the User’s details as according to the Privacy Policy. By using the Site, the concerned party agrees to the uses herein described and guarantees that the details given are accurate.

With the exception of personal information, which will be handled as in compliance with the above procedure, any other material, content, etc. sent or entered into the Site will be considered as non-confidential and non-property. Therefore, the Administrator takes no obligation with regard to such information/material and is entitled to acquire a copy, show it, disclose it and use such material both commercially and for other purposes.

The User commits himself not to insert, transmit into or from the Site any material:

That is threatening, defamatory, obscene, indecent, seditious, offensive, pornographic, illegal, material that might inspire racial hatred, discriminatory or discriminating, menacing, scandalous, inciting, blasphemous, infringing confidentiality requirements, breaching privacy or that might in any way lead to discomfort or damage; or

For which the required license or authorizations have not been granted; or

That represents or encourages behaviours that might be considered forms of crime, lead to liabilities, be somehow adverse to the law, public order or moral standards or infringe the rights of third parties in any part of the world; or

That might cause damage (including, with no limitation, computer viruses, logic bombs, Trojan horses, worms, defective components, corrupted data or other software containing harmful or damaging content).

The User cannot abuse the Site (including, solely as an example, hacking).

The Administrator will cooperate actively with public authorities in charge to carry out investigations and will comply with any court order requesting or ordering the Administrator to disclose the identity or locate the subject transmitting or inserting material that is not compliant with the above.

Each Site registration is valid for just one user. Any identification code, password, username or other make up the security system and the procedures activated by the Administrator to safeguard the system and the details stored in the Site. Therefore, they cannot be disclosed to anyone, not even within a determined group. The Administrator is entitled to disable the identification code, the password and/or user-name belonging to any Site user if, according to the unquestionable opinion of the Administrator, there has been any breach to any of these Conditions.

The User is the only one responsible for the confidentiality and the use of his password and takes any risk concerned.

The User’s personal details will be treated as according to the policy read and accepted upon registration.

Links to third party websites on the Site are suggested only to assist Site’s Users. By using them, the User leaves the Site. The Administrator has performed no checks on the linked sites and therefore does not control nor is liable for how said sites are run as far as content and their use availability. Therefore, the Administrator does not guarantee nor makes any statements about them, about the material found in them or any other consequence of their use. If the User decides to access by linking from the Site, he does so under their own responsibility and risk.

    If the User wishes to create his own link to the Site, he can do so, under the condition that a real link to the homepage of the Site is created, and that the Site’s content is not replicated, and also provided that:

    The trademark L.F. S.p.A. and its logo are not removed, obscured or in any other way altered in their dimensions or characteristics;

    No frame is created and/or any other browser or any other environment are inserted around the Site;

    Such link does not imply, although indirectly, that the Administrator is promoting third party products or services;

    This does not try to represent, be it covertly, some form of relationship between the Administrator and the User, not even trying to convey false, misleading or distorted information on the Administrator;

    No attempt is made to use any trademark or logo reproduced on the Site with no prior written Administrator’s consent;

    Such link is not implemented by the Site that is not administered by the User;

The User’s website does not feature disgusting, offensive or polemic, infringing any intellectual property right or any other third party right or that in any other way breaches law norms, regulations, public order or moral standards.

The Administrator is entitled to cancel at any time the User’s right to create a link to the Site and to take on any other measure deemed necessary or appropriate in the case of even only one of the specified terms in this section not being complied with.

The User will have to refund the Administrator for any loss or damage experienced by the Administrator for the infringement of any one of the conditions found in this section.

The Administrator will ensure that the information published on the Site is always correct. Nevertheless, despite this, the accuracy and completeness of the details on the Site is in no way guaranteed. The Administrator will be able to change the Site and its content at any time, as well as change product description and/or services and possibly their prices. This may be done without prior notice. It is, however, understood that the Administrator does not take on any commitment or obligation to update material published on the Site.

Anything published on the Site is produced with no guarantee, condition or other. In the same way, except for restrictions established by the law, the Administrator authorizes the User to browse the Site, given the assumption that no declaration, guarantee, condition or any other limit take effect. (This includes implicit guarantees of good quality, no limit, , adequacy of proposed use and the respect of the diligence of the good family father or the skilled professional who, except for what is excluded by the present condition might have an effect with respect to the Site’s content).

The Administrator’s liability is explicitly excluded, or that of anyone who might have acted on his behalf (whether he was involved in the creation, production, maintenance or implementation of the Site). This is true also for any other company from the Administrator’s group, any manager, director, employee, partner or agent, for any amount and any kind of damage that might derive from the User or any other third party (including, just to make an example, any direct, indirect damage, any emerging damage, profit loss, damage to a commercial start up, data loss, agreement damage or extra-agreement, revaluation, interests or other, deriving from or in any way connected to business disruption, including mere omission or neglect, depending on contract liability or extra-contract liability).

All of the above totally depends on the Site practice and its use. The inability to use or to access use to the Site depends on other linked Sites or some material present on such websites, including, with no limit, the loss or damage caused by the spreading of viruses that might infect the User’s electronic equipment (Pc or other), software, data or other properties used to access the Site, its browsing or to download material from the Site or from other linked Sites.

This liability limitation is compliant with restrictions of the binding law for the cases of fraud or gross negligence.

The User is responsible for all charges and responsibility for any possible adjustment to his hardware, software or other or reparation, maintenance or correction necessary to be able to use the services provided by this Site.

These conditions are subject to Italian Law.


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