A special line of measuring glasses for coffee

11/07/2019 12:43:00

A special line of measuring glasses for coffee


LF offers a wide range of measured glasses and jugs, allowing you the ability to prepare the best coffee drinks!

Whether you want an espresso or a ristretto, a single or a double shot, these coffee measuring glasses are an essential tool for all true coffee aficionados. They help determine the right amount of coffee required with each part providing its own technical and stylistic features:

  • 1080200 has a handy measuring scale, expressed both in millilitres and fluid ounces;
  • 5056299 boasts a stylish square design; in addition, each marking bears the name of the coffee it corresponds to;
  • 1494009 has a handle for a more comfortable grip and 3 spouts which allow for pouring from the left, right and front of the glass
  • 1494011 is heavier and heat-resistant due to the thickness of the glass, protecting even the most sensitive fingers from scalding;
  • 1494013 is a double walled glass, which helps to keep the beverage at the desired temperature.

Choose the best fit for your requirements!

Please note: every item has a measurement sensitivity of ±5%

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