Do you have to return an article purchased on LF’s Webshop? Here’s how to return the items and to get refunded: terms and conditions, timing and shipping costs

In all cases where an error may be attributed to LF (wrong shipment, catalogue and/ or price list mistake, error during order processing of the system), goods are credited and/or sent back to the Customer, according to the agreement reached.

In case of an error by the Customer, possible return claims may be accepted solely at LF’s discretion. This is provided that:
- LF receives the refund claim within and no later than eight days from delivery date.
- It is an item, which is available from stock (therefore this does not apply for out of catalogue items).
- The value of the refund is not less than € 100, not including VAT.

If the above requirements are met and the return is authorized, the value of the goods is credited with a 30% reduction from sales price. Shipment fees to LF are charged to the Customer.
In any case, LF reserves the right to find an agreement on possible solutions to be considered as an alternative to a refund.

In the instance of defective material under warranty, the report and the request for a return must be submitted to LF within eight days from receipt of the goods. This only occurs in rare cases as most of our suppliers work in compliance to quality guarantee ISO 9001, although they cannot be ruled out.

ATTENTION: electrical/electromechanical items must be carefully checked before installation, as the suppliers do not accept returns, not even under warranty, if the items have been assembled.
Furthermore, one has to bear in mind that, in order for the warranty to be claimed for these particular products, their keeping and storage conditions need to be determined.

N.I.R. (Numero di Identificazione Resi – Return Identification Number)
When a return is approved, LF creates a N.I.R. (Numero di Identificazione Resi) for each claim. No item can be accepted for return without this.

For each return the Customer has to follow the procedure below:
- contact your LF sales office and explain the problem you have encountered. State in your request the number and the date of the LF shipping document, registration and serial number , of  the product if shown.
- if the return is authorized, you will receive a NIR (RIN), which will need to be shown on delivery documents.

LF is an ISO 9001 certified company: the N.I.R. number is fundamental for this regularization procedure – from the return claim to the credit note – to take place quickly and with no obstacles.
Therefore, do not forget to use the N.I.R. number issued and state it in all correspondence relating to the return.

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