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Ben the Repairman

13/03/2019 14:33:00

Ben the Repairman


In the illustration ‘Convection and Combi Ovens – 37 Tips & Tricks for Installation and Maintenance’, you will find a wealth of handy tips about how to maintain your oven.

With our offer of over 12,000 spare parts and accessories for over 50 brands, Ben will direct you to the best suited products for each phase in your oven’s life cycle: from installation to repair, to usage, cleaning and maintenance.

For any requirement, you will be able to choose from:

  • heating elements
  • door gaskets
  • electronic components
  • probes
  • handles
  • locks and hinges
  • detergents
  • water softeners
  • knobs
  • glass panels
  • burners
  • washing showers

Many more products are available and can be found on the LF webshop.

Let Ben the Repairman help you find the right spare part for you! You will also find a number of tips to share with your customers.

Thanks to its reduced size, you and Ben will be inseparable! 

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