Cooking equipment catalogue 2015

09/07/2015 10:48:00

Cooking equipment catalogue 2015


LF has the pleasure of introducing its latest edition of the Cooking equipment catalogue, featuring:

  • 1776 pages
  • 9443 items

An even wider range from some brands, including Mkn and Küppersbusch.

In this catalogue you will find the complete cooking equipment selection available from LF, for example spare parts for bain-marie, bratt pans, broiler, hoods, food service trolleys, pasta cookers, commercial stoves, convection ovens, fryers, frying tops, rotisserie, grids, pans, pan supports, panini grills, salamander grill, hot food tables, toasters and solid top ranges.

All these items are available in our Internet Shop with pictures, technical details, availability and price.

To search for spare parts in the Internet Shop, you can navigate by clicking on: “Digital catalogues” - “Cooking equipment”.  Here you can browse using the “Photographic index by product family” or “Manufacturer alphabetic order”.

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