LF presents Cafetto

11/09/2019 16:24:00

LF presents Cafetto


LF is pleased to introduce a new brand into its portfolio, Cafetto, a leading Australian brand for coffee machine detergents. Cafetto’s range includes effective organic and eco-friendly solutions, offering cleaning products to improve equipment performance and simplify cleaning processes.

Find out all the new products available on our website:

  • EVO: detergent powder ideal for cleaning filters and portafilters (LF Code 1092101, 1092102)
  • TEVO: detergent tablets for coffee machines and super automatic machines (LF Code 1092103, 1092104)
  • MFC: liquid detergent for cleaning the milk circuit (LF Code 1092110, 1092111)
  • LOD: scale remover liquid for coffee machines (LF Code 1092109)
  • RESTORE: scale remover powder for coffee machines (LF Code 1092105, 1092106)
  • GRINDER: remover of stale coffee residue for burrs and internal chambers (LF Code 1092107)
  • T90: detergent tablets for cleaning the milk circuit (LF Code 1092108)
  • ESPRESSO CLEAN: detergent powder for coffee machines (LF Code 1092100)

For more information contact us at export@lfspareparts.com

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