Rancilio Rocky coffee grinders

01/08/2021 14:45:00

Rancilio Rocky coffee grinders


Whether for a quality espresso or a perfect filter coffee, the Rancilio Rocky coffee grinder is the ideal tool for passionate home baristas.

A quality coffee grinder is very important for a well-balanced drink. The grinding degree adjustment determines the coffee extraction speed, or rather the speed at which the water passes through the coffee powder. All this influences the final organoleptic characteristics of the drink in the cup.

For an espresso at home just like at the bar, discover Rancilio Rocky on our webshop, available in stainless steel and black finish models:

3235117 e 3235118: with dosing lever;
3235119 e 3235120: without manual dosing, to grind the coffee directly in the group.

And remember: the preparation of a good coffee is the result of many small steps which make all the difference. Add to your Rancilio Rocky coffee grinder the Hiroia Jimmy hi-tech precision balance (code LF 1017028) with removable magnetic display. Thanks to its many functions allowing accurate measurement of the various extractions, from espresso to pour over, the quality of your coffee will become a mathematical certainty.

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