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Spare parts for ice machines available from LF

24/01/2019 16:05:00

Spare parts for ice machines available from LF


Ice machines are becoming more and more popular today. Not only are they present in commercial activities, where they are indispensable, but more and more people are choosing ice machines for domestic use as well.

Although they appear very easy to use as you just switch a switch, ice machines do in fact have a structural complexity: they require an electrical connection and a hydraulic one.

The hydraulic connection is essential to get water into the machine, which will become ice.

Most ice makers have a valve that allows the flow of water to be regulated in order to monitor the production of ice (3120618). These and many other spare parts are available in LF.

LF offers the widest range of spare parts for ice machines on the market.

Here are some examples of spare parts for ice manufacturers in the LF webshop:


For more information:


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