The perfect kit for the home barista

25/05/2021 11:27:00

The perfect kit for the home barista

This brochure features a selection of the many “prosumer” parts and accessories available at LF.

The selection includes: two new bottomless filter holders for 54 mm diameter groups (LF codes 5149000 and 5149001), two for 58 mm diameter groups (LF codes 3165022 and 3165023), Breville/Sage adaptable filters, showers and tampers. The brochure also includes other adaptable spare parts for this iconic Australian brand, such as vibration pumps and solenoid valves and the "must-haves" unleashing the barista in you.

A real kit with everything you need to maintain your coffee machine and prepare a perfect espresso at home just like at the bar.

In accordance with the principles of fairness and honesty in business dealings, we specify that the reference to the names Breville and Sage is for information purposes only and to identify the correct intended use, not to indicate the origin of the goods. The spare parts shown here are compatible and not original. There is no commercial association/affiliation.

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