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Thermometer Coffee Sensor for E61 Groups

11/03/2019 09:19:00

Thermometer Coffee Sensor for E61 Groups


This handy thermometer is easily screwed into the E61 group. This is so you can control the temperature of the water inside the brew group, before it flows through the portafilter – all in real time, while the espresso is being made.

With its small size, the Coffee Sensor Thermometer enables the user to control such an important and delicate part in the preparation of the espresso as the temperature of the water.

LF Code 1394101

Technical characteristics:

  • Length 61 mm
  • Diameter 37 mm
  • Connection M6
  • Steel sensor
  • Plastic body
  • 50/+300°C -58/+572°F
  • Battery included

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