Contact our customer service

Sales assistance

Our staff is ready to assist you regarding any query you might have. You can contact us ([email protected]) whenever you want about:
- offer enquiries
- orders following special offers by the technical department
- orders with no LF codes (with manufacturer code)
- technical clarifications for the placing of an order


Technical support

If you cannot find the spare part you are looking for, do not hesitate to contact us. We are able to find everything you are looking for, even when it is not listed as a catalogue item!
Provide us with the details and the information you have available and our specialized technical support team will be able to fulfil virtually any request.



Naturally, the more details you are able to provide, the easier and the quicker it will be for us to find precisely the spare part you are after. In principle, in order to find a specific spare part not listed in the catalogue , the following information is required :
• name of manufacturer.
• Model/type of equipment on which it is mounted.
• Serial number (possibly year of production, since it may occur that, over the years, the manufacturer has mounted different components on the same model).
• Product description (and if possible the original manufacturer code).
•Exploded drawing of the machine with an indication as to the required spare.
• (preferably) a picture sent via e-mail.


If you cannot provide us with the above information, another possible solution is sending us some detailed photographs and, when possible, an example.

We wish to remind you that, for spare parts specially found for you, which are out of catalogue, it is not possible to cancel confirmed orders and no return requests are accepted.