Gaskets for commercial refrigeration

14/11/2018 11:25:00

Gaskets for commercial refrigeration


When the cold room, counter or cabinet no longer cools as before, it could be a break in the seal which no longer allows the door to close perfectly.

With LF you can quickly solve the problem by finding the correct gasket with the right profile and size for each appliance.
The range of commercial refrigeration gaskets which are available from LF, are compatible with the most popular brands on the market.  They are 100% Made in Italy and include 93 profiles, with 714 snap-in or middle-edged gaskets.  These are already listed in our sales program with an LF code.

Can't find the right size of gasket?
With the service of customized gaskets, offering quick delivery, you can create the right gasket for each model.

Gaskets configurator:
In the reserved area, under the menu item GASKETS, you will find the configurator for:
•    Snap-in and customized
•    Middle-edged and customized
•    Do-it-yourself gaskets

Find your gasket now.

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