Spare parts for Sanremo coffee machines

01/11/2018 15:39:00

Spare parts for Sanremo coffee machines


Among the 24,000 spare parts and accessories for the world of professional coffee, available from stock, LF also offers spare parts for Sanremo coffee machines.  Coffee machines which are at the forefront of design, precision and durability.

The product families for the Sanremo machines, located on the LF website, are listed below:
Water softeners and spare parts, Coffee spouts, electronic boxes, flowmeters, containers for coffee, detergents, shower screens for brew group, solenoid valves, coffee filters, gaskets, portafilter gaskets, O-Ring and ORM gaskets, switches, pressure gauges, filter holder handles, motors, rotary vane pumps, portafilters for coffee machines, pressure switches, level regulators, heating elements, steam taps and spare parts for coffee machines, level probes, brushes, thermostats, exhaust pipes, water steam pipes for coffee machines, tools, expansion and non-return valves, safety valves.

With LF repairing a coffee machine has never been easier.

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