PESADO TAMPER, the stylish tamper

09/02/2020 14:14:00

PESADO TAMPER, the stylish tamper


PESADO is a small company based in Melbourne, Australia and is specifically known for its aesthetically pleasing products coupled with high functionality.

The Pesado 58.5 tamper comes in  different colours - BLACK&BLACK 1385099, BLACK&SILVER 1385101, WHITE&GOLD 1385102. RAYA 1385103 was the first product created by Pesado.

This tamper is not only beautiful but also functional and will give your workstation a sophisticated and professional touch. The customer will immediately understand that what you are preparing is not a standard product but something which is refined and unique.

The Pesado 58.5 tamper: it is not only stylish; it is above all effective.

The base

The base with the iconic inscription PESADO 58.5 is unmistakable. Its sharp edges extend the tamping area, minimizing the risk of channeling and allowing greater consistency on the coffee disc, for a more uniform extraction and a higher yield.

The handle

The handles are made of hand-turned wood or precision-cut alloy and ensure an ergonomic, comfortable and secure grip.

All wooden handles are ergonomically shaped by hand  from RAYA, an exotic wood of ethical provenance and high strength, with a smooth natural wax finish.

To ensure maximum precision, Pesado has also designed an innovative depth regulator (1385104) that guarantees an even more precise and constant extraction yield.

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