Silicon waste chute rings for sorting waste

03/02/2020 12:57:00

Silicon waste chute rings for sorting waste


Simplifying cleaning operations and minimizing the risk of contamination is a basic requirement in a professional kitchen and behind the counter, as is ensuring that waste disposal is carried out correctly. This in turn minimizes the risk of contamination. Of equal importance is ensuring that the containers in the food processing areas are regularly emptied and that the waste is disposed of correctly.

The waste chute rings that GEV and LF have on offer make it even easier to dispose of kitchen waste correctly. Due to their bright colours, it is easy to identify at a glance where the waste must be disposed of: black (code 3316018) for general waste,  blue (code 3316168) for paper or cardboard, yellow (code 3316169) for plastic, red (code 3316170) for organic waste and green (code 3316171) for glass.

Made from silicon they can be easily fitted and removed. They are easy to clean and disinfect avoiding unnecessary contamination and ensuring the highest of hygiene standards.

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